News Corp boss denies outlets have ever bullied people; threatens to release daily hit pieces on anyone who says otherwise

News Corp Australasia executive chairman Michael Miller told the Press Club earlier today that News Corp has never bullied anyone, before saying that he will have all of his outlets write daily articles about anyone who suggests otherwise.

Mr Miller strongly denied that their coverage has ever been used as a way to intimidate and silence those who speak out, in a statement that has raised eyebrows from the likes of Grace Tame, Antoinette Lattouf, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Laura Tingle, Brittany Higgins, Meghan Markle, Black teens in Melbourne, all the victims of the phone hacking scandal, every trans person in the world, and oh so many more people.

“We would never do anything harmful,” said the head of a company that does weekly apologies for racism, “when we target people who may be a threat to the status quo where we have all the power, that is being done in the public interest.”

“Sure we may have people who we stalk with paparazzi and dig up dirt to smear them with whenever they say anything we don’t like; but these people just need to learn that these things won’t happen if they simply just shut up and kiss the ring.”

“Not only is it important to stop these people, we must also stop the social media companies that are giving them a platform. The only monopoly controlling narratives and pressuring people into listening to demands while paying no tax is us!”

Miller also denied that News Corp has ‘an obsession’ with the ABC, telling everyone to read more about how ‘not obsessed’ they are in any of their daily columns dedicated to attacking the ABC.

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