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NBN user yet to notice Optus outage

Local Optus customer Stacy Jones has yet to notice the Optus outage after assuming that her failing internet is just the NBN running at its regular pace.

The 24 year old has yet to see the news of the outage as she can’t load any social media app to tell her about the outage and has not yet become desperate enough to venture to watching Free-To-Air TV for information.

“Typical,” she exclaimed, “I just want to watch a video. I mean it’s taking a really long time to load but I wouldn’t say any longer than normal for the NBN.”

“But I bet that it will be way quicker when it needs to load ads though. Just got to sit here and wait I guess.”

“I would scroll Twitter but that seems to be down, I wonder what Elon did this time?”

Optus have put out a statement saying they plan to fix the problem and get the internet back to regular levels to where people will struggle upload videos to Instagram.

With a spokesperson for Optus reassuring users around the country that they don’t believe the outage will have any effect on the overall size of executive bonuses.


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