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Minns cabinet now officially a NSW government following its first corruption scandal

NSW Premier and pokies mascot Chris Minns has celebrated a major milestone for his cabinet after the launch of the first traditional ICAC referral over alleged corruption by a cabinet minister, finalising the process to be considered a real NSW Government.

This comes after Minister for Skills, TAFE and Tertiary Education Tim Crakanthorp failed to declare properties owned by his wife and family causing a conflict of interest in his decision making on matters relating the Hunter region, something experts are describing as a staple base level corruption required of any NSW government.

“The people of NSW are sick of slow government action,” said a teary eyed Premier Minns, “we said we would deliver more efficiently than previous government’s and we delivered our corruption straight away. Most cabinets wait years before their first ICAC investigation, we managed to achieve ours in just a few months.”

“Getting sworn in was one thing, but now that I’ve had to stand a cabinet minister down for potential corruption, my NSW election win finally feels real.”

Reports suggest that as is tradition for NSW politicians facing ICAC, Mr Crakanthorp has already been approached by multiple media companies, big business and the federal government trying to headhunt him for future employment.


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