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Lowes collection gets mixed response at Australian Fashion Week

[Edition 73] Elements of the fashionista remain unconvinced about Lowes’ new line, describing it as “overly confronting” and baulking at its extravagant $12.95 price tag.

A Lowes catwalk model shows off the company’s popular Big Men range

[Edition 73] SYDNEY, Wednesday: The world’s fashion elites have been divided over Lowes’ bold new Spring and Summer collection, revealed today at Australian Fashion Week. The local fashion house is making its festival debut this week, following the release of its eagerly anticipated “activewear” range.

“Our activewear range combines the utilitarianism of our killer industrialwear collection with the pinache of our more fashion-forward Ruggers line,” said one of Lowes’ premier designers, known simply as ‘Penguin’. “It showcases classic materials such as cotton, polyester and microfibre while boldly mixing beiges, khakis and fawns like no other major fashion designer has dared before.”

Nevertheless, elements of the fashionista remain unconvinced about the new line, describing it as “overly confronting” and baulking at its extravagant $12.95 price tag.

Lowes first sprung onto the fashion scene in the 1970s but only really rose to international prominence after Hollywood icon Russell Crowe wore their navy cotton drill shorts in a bar brawl. These days however it’s widely recognised as the master of runway razzamatazz.
This year’s lavish extravaganza was no exception, seeing Lowes adorn the catwalk with celebrity men of style such as Tony Lockett and Paul Sironen. Plenty of buzz was generated courtesy of their controversial cross-dressing and ham-acting motifs, apparently a comment on globalisation and corporatisation.

“I know we’ll come under fire for our artistic statement but I’d do anything to promote Penguin’s work,” Lockett told reporters. “At Lowes.”

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