Local kid disappointed to learn the cost of living crisis apparently hit Santa’s workshop

Local child Timmy Tinyson has been left disappointed this year after discovering that the cost of living crisis has also hit Santa’s workshop, noting the quality of gifts has fallen a lot this year.

“I thought it was magic?” he said while his parents pretended not to be stressed out by the cost of Christmas lunch. “I guess the parts for the toys cost way too much, like how we had to stop drinking so much milk this year.”

In response, Sky News has blamed the change in Santa’s presents on ‘entitled lazy elves who should have just worked harder for their rich boss.’

However, the children of rich parents who do weekly news articles about their savings tips for buying houses have denied the claim that there has been any problem with Santa’s workshop, claiming that if anything, Santa seems to be able to afford even better gifts than previous years. 

“Maybe the poorer kids just need to cut down on the avocado toast, then Santa will get them better stuff.”

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