“If we defund police, who will you call to take your details and then not solve the crime?” asks police union

As debate surrounding police reform kicks off again after another shooting of an unarmed black man in America, the ‘radical’ idea of ‘defunding the police’ once again hit the headlines. But police unions have now joined into the debate in order to put an end to a lot of the misinformation surrounding the role of police, calling for a more realistic debate about what police officers actually do. Especially the idea that calling the police will ‘stop the crime’ and ‘solve who did it’. “The primary role of a police officer is to take down your details and then never contact you again,” said one police officer who wished to remain anonymous. “Picking on minorities is actually a very small proportion of my day.” “This isn’t Law and Order: SVU where we can show up, ask a few people questions and boom we solved it,” one police officer told The Chaser. “We will work our hardest to take down your details and maybe even do a pencil sketch, but I doubt we could do more than that. Maybe you should talk to your insurance company instead.” “How will reducing police workload and funding by creating more community outreach programs and having mental health experts respond to crises evolving people in mental strife help anyone?” said one veteran cop. “We’ve tried forcing women and people of colour to trust us more, but they just never change, no matter how much violence we use on them. If they’re not willing to change, why should we?” “Personally, I just think it’s ridiculous that we should be forced to change, just because it’ll improve the system. They tried that in Norway, and now there’s hardly any need for police. Do we really want to end up like that?”

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