Hedge Fund manager now as financially bankrupt as they are morally

As the David vs Goliath battle continues on the stock market this week, disaster has struck again as yet another weak and defenceless billionaire hedge fund manager seems to have fallen victim to the big scary ‘regular people’ online. Many at home are left worried that the situation has gotten so severe that the billionaire’s hedge fund may become as financially bankrupt as the man is morally bankrupt. “What ever happened to Karma?” asked the stock trader who only faces bankruptcy after years of profiting from weapons manufacturing, inflated medication prices and child labor. “You try to bankrupt one mass employer and suddenly my life savings are ruined and I’m out of a job. This isn’t fair!” “I am a very charitable person just so you know! The media calls me a philanthropist for a reason. Every year I donate a few million to things like schools, hospitals and local community projects. You know the things taxpayers are supposed to pay for, but for some reason just don’t get funded. Lousy incompetent governments. That’s why I never pay my tax, you know?” “It’s horrible to think my company will go bankrupt, what will I do for more money now? What so now I am meant to live off only my vast savings, multiple properties, personal investments, my belongs, and money from my rich parents? God, this must be what poverty feels like.”

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