Full-time minimum wage worker on $3.8K a month, absolutely devastated to hear that rich executives will only get an extra $4.5k a year

Local minimum wage worker Kim Jones has just got home from a long day work only to feel just absolutely devastated after hearing that rich executives will only be getting a measly $4.5 extra a month with the new tax cuts.

“Poor things, how will they get by?” she asked while trying to figure out if she can pay rent this week, “Just four and a half grand, that’s barely more than I make a month. How am I meant to sleep knowing strugglers like that exist in this country?”

“So the guys who decided to lay off my friends so they can keep their bonus will only be getting an extra $4.5K? We really should do something about this, is there a GoFundMe or something?”

Kim went on to make some money saving suggests for any struggling top one percenters in this trying time like cutting down on Avocado and Caviar toast, using public boats instead of their yachts or simply cut down on the cocaine.

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