Following court result, Ben Roberts-Smith declares moral bankruptcy

Streisand Effect enthusiast Ben Roberts-Smith was seen leaving a bankruptcy firm as he is reportedly facing tens of millions in legal following his defamation suit loss, with the war criminal now being made to declare his moral bankruptcy.

“Suing for defamation is always a risk,” said one legal expert, “especially if you can’t actually prove that it was wrong to say you murdered civilians. Murdering civilians, prisoners and stray dogs while drinking out of a prosthetic leg of a man you murdered while partying with your friend in a Klan hood tends to come at a pretty serious basic human ethics cost.”

“This outcome will come with a serious punishment of financial cost and everyone thinking you are a bloodthirsty maniac who threatens soldiers who are anti-war crime. With this loss he has essentially handcuffed his morals and bank account, kicked them off a cliff and shot them after they hit the ground.”

“While much of my analysis is based on what is known of course, this is quite an unprecedented case as it is extremely rare for a defamation case to go so badly that you potentially face both bankruptcy and the Hague.”

Reports suggest that early signs of his moral bankruptcy date back to when he was chosen to be a boss at 7 news.

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