Elon Musk achieves the impossible by making Zuckerberg the lesser evil

The world’s most insecure billionaire Elon Musk has achieved what was previously thought to be impossible of making billionaire megalomaniac Mark Zuckerberg the lesser of two evils, as millions of people flock to Threads to get away from Twitter.

The tax-dodging Wallace and Gromit character left next to a heater, who’s seen by many as a threat to democracy who empowers racists and conspiracy theorists has officially fallen to be the second most hated man on the planet right behind Elon Musk.

“It’s hard to be that hated,” said one analyst, “for years Mark Zuckerberg was considered the Michael Jordan of being hated, it’s almost impressive to beat that record. Even Musk’s own children prefer Zuckerberg at this point.”

“There is no rate limit on just how much Musk is hated.”

“At first I thought it would be a hard choice,” said one user, “but then as a thought about it more, I definitely rather the guy who radicalised my aunt and may or may not be a lizard over that annoying emerald mine guy. At least Zuckerberg doesn’t try force us all into seeing his painfully unfunny posts.”

“Plus, Threads seems safer. I mean without Musk in charge, the app is way less likely to blow up or run over a cyclist.”

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