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Daily Mail editor celebrates success of ‘Grace Tame smokes bong’ story with another line of coke

A Daily Mail editor has today celebrated publishing an image of Grace Tame with a bong that was publicly available on her Instagram, by doing an extra line of coke.

“It was pretty cool to do some actual sleuthing for a change instead of just copying and pasting a story from the ABC and changing a few words,” he explained. “Almost makes you feel like a journalist. I know we forgot to put in the trademark unnecessary model shots, slut shaming, racism and forgot to make anything up in the article, but we can just do another Meghan Markle article to meet our daily quota.”

In response to this article, the general public have been left in shock with one local saying “My god, a public figure smoking marijuana!? I am shocked, shocked I tell you. Now if you’ll excuse me I must return back under the rock where I live.”


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