Daily Telegraph release factual article in April Fool’s Prank

The Daily Telegraph is being lauded for pulling off the best April Fool’s Day prank; A well researched, completely factual, informative article. Media experts admitted they were confused at first, before noticing the date. “You have to give the editors credit, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. The lack of sensationalism was the real giveaway,” said University of Sydney media professor, Daniel Ferguson. “When the headline actually matched the content of the story I was blown-away.” The article included facts presented without bias and no mention of Labor’s failing. The online version of the article went even further by creating fake reader comments that were well reasoned and respectful of others. However The Daily Telegraph editor-in-chief Neil Brown assured readers the paper it was a one-off. “Yes, we love to have a bit of a chuckle here at the Tele, but don’t worry we will resume our normal service tomorrow. I can’t say too much but look out for our exclusive report on how the lock out laws will stop the Green-supporting, dole-bludging, Islamic terrorist who is raising your electricity prices.”

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