Christmas lunch tense after Aunty Carol finds out about family group chat she’s not in

The awkwardness of family Christmas has surged after problematic oversharer Aunt Carol inadvertently discovered a second family WhatsApp chat excluding her.

“I guess I’m just not part of the family then!” she said quivering in anger, “You know I do a lot for this family? I give you all up-to-date information on Uncle John’s pain specialist appointments and share funny political memes about poor people. None of you ever seem to appreciate the time it takes me.” 

The incident occurred when a nearby iPhone pinged with a visible message saying, “Don’t use the family WhatsApp near Aunt Carol.” 

Attempts to re-assure Carol that it wasn’t personal were swiftly rebuffed by Carol pointing out that individual family members were either slow or didn’t respond to her direct messages at all.

“Now I find out you all have a healthy, happy discussion with lots of laughs. It’s hard to not think you’re all being mean and bullying me by doing that, I don’t want to talk about this anymore!” she exclaimed, sending the entire table into a deafening silence for two further courses. 

Aunt Carol departed early after commenting that several family members had put on weight and saying she needed to attend one of our properties to evict the tenants.

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