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Boyfriend dumped after unfavourable Cleo quiz result

A relationship quiz entitled ‘Is He The One?’ that appeared in a recent issue of Cleo has led Sydney woman Jane Kurkova to break off her engagement with truck driver Miles Daly. Kurkova was “shocked and heartbroken” when her fiancée scored a mere four out of twenty, putting him firmly in the “Dump this frickin’ loser already” category.

“I was devastated,” she said. “I thought we were happy. But Cleo reckons his long-haul road trips, delivering goods across the country, are neglectful and a sign he could be having an affair. So I knew what I had to do.”

Further inspection of Kurkova’s completed quiz showed Miles’s poor performance in several categories, including listening skills, flower-purchasing and preferred magazines. “I had no idea Jane was monitoring my reading preferences,” he said. “If I’d known MAD, Viz and People were gonna end my relationship, I might’ve picked up The Bulletin now and again.”

Kurkova informed Miles of his poor results when he returned home after a 14-hour stint at work. “He looked so stunned when I told him I wanted to back out of the whole thing, but Miles had no argument when I showed him the quiz results. And he refused to wash up after dinner – just as question 7 predicted.”

Taking a break from approving a feature on how to attract a new man the Britney Spears way, Cleo editor Nedahl Stelio said: “Our quizzes are just a bit of fun – like the rest of our magazine, you’re not supposed to take them too seriously. Maybe we need a Cleo Quiz Gullibility Test?”

Stelio later admitted, however, that she hires all new writers for her magazine on the basis of the Cleo Soul Mate Test.

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