ABBA announce comeback album called ‘GrandMamma Mia’

ABBA fans around the globe have rejoiced after the group announced it has reformed after 40 years, and will be releasing a new album. Initial reviews for the tracks have been overall positive with fans young and old loving the updated ABBA style. Sources tell us they already are working on a comeback album that is a greatest hits album but re-written to fit the band’s current perspective called ‘GrandMamma Mia’. With a track list including:
  • Mobility Scooter Queen
  • Knowing Me, Who Are You?
  • The Winner takes All the Hard Candies
  • Water Who Said That, you are going to need to speak up
  • Take A Chance on my Grandson, he is a nice boy
  • Rent Money, Rent Money, Rent Money
Asked what they think about ABBA’s unexpected comeback, the bands original fanbase have said ‘What? Speak up?’

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