Sunrise finds new host by typing ‘white male TV host’ into an AI generator

Channel 7 have announced that they finally found a perfect replacement for David Koch on Sunrise through a long talent scouting process of just typing ‘white male tv host’ into an AI generator.

“People said they wanted us to modernise from our all white cast, so we did,” said a producer, “we said we wanted a white male host and boom it just made one up. What’s crazy is the software just figured out that we were working in Australian tv by the request somehow!”

“It not only spat out a privileged white guy name in ‘Matt Shirvington’, it also knew to give it a classic Aussie nickname so he can pretend to be working class like the audience, ‘Shirvo’. Plus it even gave him a backstory saying he hosted some show called ‘Ultimate Tag’, a clearly made up show that no one would be dumb enough to actually make.”

The network said they are excited by this drastic change in Australian TV, saying that they hope viewers really get behind generic white male AI diversity.

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