Local woman clocks off from long day of pretending to work while thinking about Taylor Swift’s album announcement

Local Woman Emma Jackson has clocked off at her job after a long day of pretending to work while really just thinking about Taylor Swift’s album.

Emma, who is ignoring the check engine light on her car so she can buy the Era’s tour outfit of her dreams, reportedly got through a busy day of emails and meetings without taking in any actual information about her job.

“I am exhausted,” she said while refreshing her feed to see if any new information has come out in the last ten seconds, “what an overwhelming day of scrolling in the office.”

“I mean not only the scrolling, but they pretending to listen while theory crafting and then having to take in all the information and details about the album announcement. I haven’t put in this much work at the office in years.”

She also told The Chaser that she can already feel a sickness coming on for the day the album comes out making her unable to come into work, and possibly the following few days as well.

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