Karl Stefanovic recovering from pink-eye following 60 Minutes interview

TV hosts and professional hard-hitting journalist Karl Stefanovic has reportedly come down with a case of pink-eye today, following last night’s 60 Minutes interview where he spent 20 minutes vigorously kissing the PM’s arse. The interview which saw Karl having a curry while asking questions like, “I hear you two broke up for 2 weeks when you were teens” and providing hard hitting commentary like ,”Wow, Jenny makes a good margarita”, has received heavy backlash from the few viewers who were able to talk in between vomiting sessions. “How can anyone not love Scotty?” said one of Australia’s highest paid journalist, “he is great. I think it is a great honour to have Scott Morrison’s faecal matter in my eyes.” Meanwhile, medical experts have shown concern about some sort of super virus that has left all viewers feeling nauseous.

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