Karl excited to not be the biggest fuckwit Stefanovic

Today Show host and owner of the world’s most disgusting suit, Karl Stefanovic has been seen celebrating after revelations that his brother who everyone forgot existed is actually a much bigger fuckwit than him.

“At first I was panicked,” said Karl, “when I saw everyone saying that ‘Stefanovic is a total fuckwit’ I assumed they meant me, because of all the times they did mean me.”

“But no, it turns out my brother has finally done something of note for the first time in his life, and suddenly I am everyone’s favourite Stefanovic.”

“It’s amazing to have everyone go, ‘wow Karl is the way better sibling’. Normally I only feel this good after the Logies when I am high off my mind.”

In response to the controversy, many Aussie tv viewers have congratulated Karl for clearing the ‘not trying to ruin an Indigenous teen’s life for no reason’ bar, before having the sudden concern at the fact that there are two of them.

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