Terms of submission

Boring legal stuff

By submitting any headlines, copy, or other creative ideas, you agree to grant Chaser Digital Pty Ltd, it’s owners and subsidiaries a perpetual licence to use, adapt, modify, and commercialise the submitted content and ideas globally across all mediums, and you forfeit any right to collect royalties, licencing fees or other payments that may be incurred in the course of Chaser Digital’s use of this work, unless volunteered by Chaser Digital as remuneration for your contribution.

Authors will be credited as deemed appropriate by Chaser Digital’s editors.

Why are these terms so harsh?

We often receive multiple copies of the same idea, whether it be something that seems like an original observation that turns out to be quite common, or just multiple contributors riffing on a news story coming up with the same joke (even if a joke might seem incredibly original to you, when there are hundreds of writers even the most niche idea can come up more than once). These terms just mean that should someone send in an idea that we’re already busy writing, or that 50 other people submitted, there’s less of a chance of us getting sued out of existence by 50 different writers demanding credit. Rest assured our normal writers rates for outside contributions still apply in most circumstances and we’ll generally credit not-staff contributors if we’re comfortable assuming it won’t get them in trouble.