Chaser Report Live from the Pub: Week One

Episode One: Weekly news wrap up

Four podcasters walk into a bar… The Chaser Report has gone LIVE! Dom, Charles, Craig and Gabbi all record direct from the pub as part of our new method to simultaneously cut production costs and increase our bar tab.

Episode Two: Drunken the Chase(r)

Charles hosts a highly topical news quiz that’s so up-to-date he fails to make it five minutes without forgetting what day it is. Make sure to subscribe to Acast+ to listen to tomorrow’s special Drunk Q&A episode which is somehow even looser than this.

Episode Three: Craig solves the NSW Blues

Craig is back to give his amazing solutions to a live audience! Join Charles, Dom, and Gabbi as they try to poke flaws in the grand solutions to how we can fix the State of Origin.

Episode Four: 

Gabbi flexes her musical theatre knowledge by spilling the tea on Andrew Lloyd Webber, and then flexes her musical talent with a touching ode to everyone’s least favourite type of musicians.

Make sure to come along next week to our recording by buying a ticket from https://chaser.com.au/events/the-chaser-report-live/

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