Chaser Report Live with Chris Taylor, Floyd Alexander-Hunt, Dom Knight and Charles Firth
Chaser Report Live at the Pub: Week
Chaser Report Live from the Pub: Week One
With Dom Knight, Charles Firth, Craig Reucassel and Gabbi Bolt
Lazy satirists wait around for Albanese to cook a curry or something
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Journalist tries unheard of method to gage the feeling of voters by actually talking to regular voters
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Charles got banned from twitter for pretending to be a politician no one wants to hear from
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Prince Louis arrested for treason after not enjoying sitting through the jubilee
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Platinum Jubilee takes Corgi theme too far by giving the Queen a corgi burger
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Hollywood announces reboot of Doctor Strange 2 after running out of movies to reboot
The Chaser Report with Charles, Dom and Andrew
Minister for Banning annoying Zoom meetings, Minister for Laundry and other needed cabinet positions yet to be created
The Chaser Report with Charles, Dom and Andrew
Republicans respond to school shootings by demanding immediate ‘door restrictions’
The Chaser Report with Dom and Andrew
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