Empathy consultant advises Scomo to just delete his Twitter account at this point
"Its the only ethical option"
Inspiring video shows Scott Morrison running into bushfire to save burning coal
"It's what any decent human would do"
CommBank app helpfully suggests customer could save money if they just didn’t eat
This month you've spent the most on: staying alive
Firefighters ordered to trial gay conversion therapy on bushfires
"God only knows if this will work"
Treasurer announces “Weekend at Bernies” inspired scheme to assist dead in returning to workforce
He's almost as lifelike as Scott Morrison
Government replaces Robodebt with random number generator in bid to improve accuracy
"Problem solved"
Bushfire crisis solved: Morrison announces plan to ban trees
"It was just easier than banning coal"
11,000 scientists sign scientific paper declaring Israel Folau an idiot
His IQ test results came back negative
Morrison vows to boost Hillsong budget to combat Gay Marriage fires
"They are the leading supplier of thoughts and prayers"
The Chaser welcomes our new staff writer Israel Folau
This level of comedic genius only comes around once a millenium

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