PM’s campaign off to a rocky start after he demands battery be removed from his ComCar
"That'll show Labor that batteries in cars are a stupid idea," a smirking Morrison told reporters
Australia bans American migrants after they refuse to adapt to culture of not being loud dickheads in public
The government of Australia has today tabled urgent legislation to ban any and all migration coming from America, over fears
“I’d never attack immigrants for political points!” says guy who just opened a detention centre for political points
My on the record comments are trying to defame me
Strike kids should be in school, learning how to count coal lobby donations, says PM
He said kids should instead be in school, learning important skills, such as maths. "I use maths every day to count up the amount of donations I get from the coal lobby.”
Mark Latham to undergo DNA test for ‘Dickhead’ gene
FOLLOWING his calls for DNA testing for Indigenous welfare recipients, One Nation’s Mark Latham will today undergo his own DNA
Australian public outraged by Milo ban until realising it’s not about the drink
"Oh, it's just Yiannopoulos"
Liberal party unveil new female candidate to replace Christopher Pyne
"We fixed it!"
NSW government cancels Mardi Gras over fears that someone may be planning to have fun
"It's for the greater good."
Can this picture of a majestic bin chicken out rate the Today show?
The answer is almost certainly yes
Breakfast TV perfect place for a bit of casual racism, report nation’s blonde women
"What could go wrong"

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