Invoicing guide for writers

Get paid for your work

If you’ve pitched a headline and it’s been accepted and run on our site, we’re legally obliged to pay you. However, a lot of first time writers aren’t familiar with the process of invoicing for their work, so here’s a quick guide to how it’s done:

1. You’ll either need an ABN, or to declare you’re doing this as a hobby (this page by the ATO might help you decide if this is a hobby). If you think this is just a hobby for you, then we need you to complete this form, and send it to us along with your first invoice.

2. Fill out an invoice and send it back to us as a PDF. If you don’t know how to do that, this tool will help you (just choose to fill out the no GST template). Here’s an example of what your invoice should include and look like.

3. The invoice should include up to two line items: Firstly headlines which are $30 each, and then body copy if we requested you write it, which is $20 each. Generally it’s a good idea to invoice at the end of the week, that way if you’ve had multiple stories picked up, then you can invoice them all in one hit.

4. Please include your email address on the invoice!

5. Email us your invoice (and hobby form if needed) to [email protected]. Our payout rate is a bit sporadic, but you should see the money in your account within two weeks at the latest. If it doesn’t turn up, please don’t hesitate to chase this up as something has probably gone wrong.

Remember, direct invoices to:
Chaser Digital Pty Ltd
ABN: 28 141 758 812
Address: 330 Wattle St, Ultimo NSW 2007
(You can still email them, this just goes in the invoice header)