Australia to return to surplus by taxing Turnbull’s backflips
By levying a tax of $1 on each backflip Malcolm Turnbull makes, the government expects to raise billions
Scott Morrison to increase tax to fund new welfare scheme for multinationals
Scott Morrison has said he will have no choice but to increase taxes in order to fund a $50 billion welfare
Rupert Murdoch to live forever if ‘death tax’ brought in
Behavioural economists say the “death tax” could save Australians up to $3.4 billions in funeral expenses over 57 years and promote a longer life span, by disincentivising people to die
Adorable: Cute nippers discover rotting corpse of Harold Holt
After the children took their group photo with the corpse, the body was taken to the NSW coroner for more group photos, and then an examination
Great Barrier Reef to be renamed ‘Ocean’
“The ‘Minister for the Environment’ part of me is pretty upset, but the ‘and Energy’ part of me thinks this is really great for our economy." - The Minister for the Environment and Energy.
Liberal Party to preference One Nation over own Sense of Humanity in next election
The Liberal party is hoping to preference their sense of humanity fourth, after One Nation, the Nationals and Donald Trump.
“We’re in love”: Scott Morrison announces engagement to jagged piece of coal
“This is coal” the treasurer said triumphantly on Thursday, “We met about two months ago and it’s been a whirlwind since then.”
Turnbull and Shorten to settle differences in Maccas carpark
Opposition leader Bill Shorten has challenged Malcolm Turnbull to a “meeting” outside a McDonald’s carpark in hopes the two men will settle their differences ‘once and for all”
Liberal party grooming ‘Cash me ousside, howbow dah?’ girl for 2019 election
And she might just be a big boost to... whoever is leading the party in two years time
Bernadi welcomes new party members by booking entire table at Sizzler
Although Bernardi considers himself a "lone wolf", he hopes booking the entire booth at one of the last Sizzlers in Australia will help entice some supporters