Number of dickheads in Australia slumps below 5 million
Australians around the world breathed sigh of relieve this morning when it was revealed that the number of dickheads has
Frydenberg says people shouldn’t be penalised for fleeing persecution, as long as they’re in his family
Josh Frydenburg has mounted a robust defence of families fleeing persecution coming to Australia as long as they’re in his
“Definition of marriage cannot change” claims church founded solely to change definition of marriage
"Marriage can only be defined by our King in Heaven, Henry VIII."
Turnbull passionately launches the “Um yeah sure” campaign for marriage equality
He was careful not to speak too loud in case any rural Liberal voters could hear him
Government unveils new NBN logo
"It really captures the spirit of the NBN."
No vote campaign points to Scottish boys wearing dresses after they legalised gay marriage
They also warned of a sharp increase in the consumption of haggis
Christensen confirms he isn’t a British citizen after consulting Ask Bongo
"That should do it."
Anti-sharia campaigner ready to stop something that was never going to happen from happening
Despite no-one ever suggesting that Sharia law be introduced into Australia, no-one supporting the idea, and no politician ever mentioning it, the campaigner believes it's only a matter of time
Barnaby Joyce dusts off old copy of “The Castle” in preparation for high court bid
"Wait till I unload my 'It's not a house, it's a home' defence on them, judges won't know what hit em!"
Turnbull calls national plebiscite to decide whether to get out of bed today
"It's the only way to decide such a crucial and vitally important matter"