Pauline Hanson resigns from Parliament after discovering she’s a Chinese-Iranian dual citizen
"It was an honest mistake"
Australian public shocked to learn New Zealand not legally part of Australia
"Wait, what's that state down under Victoria then?"
Conservative terrified gay marriage will cause end of society – like it didn’t in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, France, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, New Zealand, South Africa, Holland, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Denmark, Uruguay, Luxemburg, Colombia, Greenland, Finland, Taiwan, and Germany
"Why knows what will happen if we legalise it!"
Escaped orangutans temporarily double Perth literacy levels
"Dem orange monkey gonna be our nex premier"
Tim Gurner lectures homeless man over use of extravagant coffee cup
"If only he'd see that coffee cup is holding him back from owning ten properties like me."
Millenial who doesn’t drink coffee wondering where their house is
"I gave up avocado and somehow am still homeless"
Cashless welfare card announced: drug dealers to begin accepting Paypass
"It's saved us money and time!"
Millenial buys Sydney apartment by giving up $4 coffees for just 547 years
All it took was a little bit of saving and $50,000 from my grandfather
Budget Deficit Solved – Liberal Party Negatively Gears Parliament House
"Until those idiots in Canberra fix this loophole, we'd be stupid not to exploit it."
New citizenship test to focus entirely on the value of negative gearing
Immigrants will also be required to speak the language of Sydney property prices before they can become full citizens