John Howard finds out who the current Prime Minister is
Former Prime Minister John Howard found out this afternoon that Scott Morrison is the Prime Minister, after he attended a campaign meet-and-greet with Wentworth candidate for the Liberal Party David Sharma
Liberals announce $150 million plebiscite to decide if gay kids should be allowed in schools
"It's the only way to know"
Sydney Opera House to be shut down following noise complains
"Neighbours have had enough"
NSW Government orders Opera House to install pokies after realising it could turn a quick buck
"To think we've been wasting all that space on the arts."
Morrison proposes 29th February for National Indigenous Day
Scott Morrison has announced that the 29th February will be the day the contribution of Indigenous Australians is celebrated in this country
Murdoch “getting sick of Morrison”
Despite mounting reservations, Liberal Party insiders were quick to reassure Mr Murdoch that his wishes would be carried out promptly and fully
Royal Commission into aged care to focus on “how the hell to get rid of Four Corners”
Mr Morrison said it was important for the Royal Commission to investigate fully how the chronic underfunding of aged care could be brought to light so easily.
Morrison sets target for Liberal Party to have 50% women, 75% men
"We want more women because it looks better on TV when there are a few chicks behind me during question time," said the Prime Minister
Dutton pretty sure he now has the numbers
Dutton dismissed the latest allegations of improper conduct, saying that he was more focused on important matters, such as counting the votes for another leadership ballot in the party room
Liberal Party delivers 40th successive Newspoll win for coal industry
Despite polls indicating 85% of Australians want more action on climate change, the Liberal Party held firm on its electorally disastrous policy supporting the dying industry