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We’re now offering crowdsourced ads so you can air those offensive opinions you always wanted to.
We’re now offering crowdsourced ads so you air those offensive opinions you always wanted to.
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Impress friends and influence no-one

Want to advertise your business? Need to apologise to the wife for forgetting her birthday? Want to sell a lawnmower? Advertising in the Chaser is a logistically terrible idea for all these things, but it will certainly impress people when you happen to leave the magazine lying open on your coffee table.

But more importantly still, by forking out a few hundred quid for your own vanity space in the Chaser Quarterly, you'll be helping to fund Australian comedy and keep print media teetering on the brink of collapse.

Some examples

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Lease a block

You may not be able to afford a block of land in Australia anymore thanks to all that smashed avo, but you can still afford a block in the Chaser Quarterly.

Ads start at as little as $1 per cm2. That means you can purchase a quarter page for just $160, a whole page for $630, or if you really want to be a dick we suppose you could just buy 6cm for $6. And frankly we'd take the $6 right now, because print media was a terrible idea.

Not just print

You can reach even more people and keep the laughter happening online by sponsoring one of our daily online stories.


Giant, colour ads.

Can't be adblocked.

It's yours forever. Pull out that copy anytime and reminisce.

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Reach a wider audience.

Millions of potential eyeballs.

Be the good guy by helping Aussie comedy.

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Got a great idea for an ad, or a terrible idea and a spare 100 dollarydoos?

Shoot us a message below and we'll get in contact as soon as possible to help lay up your ad, article or manifesto.