Viewers tune in for nail-biting season finale of America

Audiences across the world have today tuned in for what may well be the final episode of rollercoaster reality TV show ‘America’ today, with the last episode leaving the main characters on a nail-biting cliffhanger where the dystopian world they inhabit might collapse into civil war at any moment.

“Yea the writing’s been a bit downhill since 2016,” explained one viewer, “when they killed off all those fan favorites, after introducing that host from The Apprentice to the show, it really felt like the writing went downhill, but I might as well see it through now just to find out how it ends.”

The latest 2020 season has been particularly panned by fans, who say the storylines have increasingly become far too ridiculous and unbelievable, with an inexplicable tragedy happening in almost every episode. “They opened the year with the fires, and that was fine, bit of drama and world building doesn’t hurt and they’d been hinting at the climate change plot for years now. But then suddenly out of nowhere they were at war with Iran, only for that story to be dropped two days later when a pandemic came along, and that’s when the story really went off the rails. Two weeks later it’s riots, then suddenly a boat blows up a city, there’s murderous wasps, then they get lazy and just repeat the fires plotline again. Also that Kanye character is now a politician now for some reason? And don’t even get me started on the hamfisted writing of that evil Ellen character.”

“But hey, at least it’s still better than that last season of Game of Thrones.”


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