Rhonda and Ketut sentenced to death following illegal Bali fling

Holiday plans are in chaos across Western Sydney this week, after the Indonesian government announced that it will be implementing a new law banning flings in the popular holiday destination of Bali.

Rhonda and Ketut, two well-known party-goers in the Bali nightlife scene, were among the first to be arrested under the new law. The pair, who were caught in a compromising position on Kuta Beach, were sentenced to death early this morning, causing the pair to thank their lucky stars they took out travel insurance with AAMI.

Their new law against casual sex has caused widespread panic among bar and nightclub owners in Bali, who are now frantically attempting to find new draws to attract tourists to the island. “It’s still as fun as ever here!” insisted one Bali bar owner. “We’ve decided to start offering new forms of entertainment, other than sex, like board games and book clubs, to keep people coming in.”

The bar went out of business later that day.

In other more positive news, Rhonda has avoided arrest on drug smuggling charges, as her boogie board bag was lost by Qantas on arrival in Bali.

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