Obama obliterates Trump, in much the same way he did innocent Afghan farmers

The former president has launched a verbal drone strike on Donald Trump, decimating him like an Afghan farmer and two of his brothers standing by a well. Bystanders reported the attack coming out of nowhere.

A witness said “One minute Trump was going about his day and the next he’s a cloud of red steam, like guests at a Kabul wedding at the hands of a drone operator in Virginia. Metaphorically, of course.”

Commenters hailed the attack a return to the glory years. Politicos in the States had been waiting for Obama to launch one of the devastating assaults that defined his presidency.

One former senator said “It was like he never stopped being president, or sending unmanned aircraft into sovereign nations to kill civilians. Incredible stuff.

“Unfortunately, we’ll forget about it in two weeks, as if it was a family of five driving slightly too fast towards an American checkpoint in 2014.”


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