Arts student sets alarm to get an early 1pm start on the day

Local arts student and future Guardian columnist Brynn Namehere has today set her alarm to go off at 1pm, in order to get an early start on the day.

“I’ve got a lot to do today,” she explained. “I really need to catch the latest episode of Dr Phil, before heading off to a lecture at 3pm, and then later I have to go to the shops and stock up on my week’s supply of mi-goreng while they’re still on sale. It’s a packed day.”

“Also I might do some study if I’m in the mood.”

However, come 3pmBrynn had still not left for class, having not yet finished the process of scrolling through TikTok in bed. “Just one more,” Bryson told herself, scrolling through the 50th video of a teenager doing makeup to the song ‘thriller’. “Okay, well that’s done… okay just one more.”


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