Airplane passenger really hoping wing is supposed to do that

Airplane passengers with window seats world over have today decided they are just going to ignore the wing doing that as more people would probably be freaking out if something was wrong.

“I guess there’s not much I could do anyway,” reasoned passenger Bobby, 24. “if it’s not supposed to flex that much I guess I’m just going to die in a horrible fireball, so I might as well just enjoy the in-flight movie while I still can.”

Jane, three seats forward, however was less sombre, instead choosing to surreptitiously film the wing flaps doing that weird thing under the guise of posting the world’s least original wing photo to Instagram.

“Excuse me miss, are the flaps supposed to do that?” Jane was heard asking a passing stewardess moments later before being reassured it is completely normal.

“Oh yes, don’t worry, the wings catch fire all the time,” laughed the hostess. “This is Qantas after all.”


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