4/20 turning out to be not nearly as fun as it sounded

Drug enthusiasts across the world have today reacted with sadness today, after the prophesied month of 4/20 failed to provide the excitement expected by people who haven’t experienced it before, and instead resulted in people just staying indoors to eat junk food and binge watch TV.

“Oh wait, yea dude, actually that is kinda 420 of us,” chuckled one stoner today. “Also now everybody’s wearing sweat pants and getting stopped by police on the way to the shops. This is totally 420 dude, wooooahhhh.”

“Hmm what if… WE are the virus?” the world pondered while watching nature documentaries about wildlife returning to the cities. “Wait a minute, dude, what if this is just the earth getting back at us because we were hurting it with climate change?”

The month has also resulted in a large number of first timers coughing uncontrollably, with many who are forced to travel to collect groceries explaining that while they did go out in public, they didn’t inhale.


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