Are you Fungry?
Are you tired of the healthy options that plague restaurant menus nowadays? Are you looking for something a little simpler? Something a little... meatier
The Chaser visits the Vatican
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a blimp with the words "Young Boys Inside, Pull Down if You Want One."
Chaser Video: Rupert Murdoch Standby Obit
Originally prepared in March, 1983. Currently on revision #
Chaser Video: Tony Abbott Standby Obit
For when the boats finally stop. Farewell Tone, ye were too pure for this world.
Chaser Video: The Prince’s Speech
How do you train an incorrigible - and horribly, horribly racist - Royal Prince to behave at a modern day wedding
Chaser Video: Open Mic Community Service Announcements
Just doing our best to share some important community service announcements, one poorly-guarded public microphone at a time
Chaser Video: Joining the ‘Bra Boys
They were Australia's most violent surf gang. We were Australia's biggest shit stirrers. What could go wrong?
Chaser Video: Apex security at APEC
The year is 2007. Sydney is in lockdown for the APEC summit with leaders and their security entourages from across the globe requiring vigilant protection. Enter The Chaser
Mark Latham is a Chaser stunt
It's true. Mark Latham is The Chaser's first, and possibly, greatest stunt
Chaser Video: Tabloid Wars
In which Chas and Andrew put to rest that age-old question, 'Could there ever be anything more humiliating than being ridiculed on A Current Affair?'

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