The War on History – Melbourne Live Show

Following a sold-out run in Sydney, The Chaser Quarterly’s War on History comes to Melbourne for the first time. Based on the latest Chaser Quarterly book “The Completely True History of Australia”, it is the least reliable, but most hilarious account of Australian history.

You’ll be joined on this journey through time by Australia’s least eminent historians, including but not limited to The Chaser’s Charles Firth and Andrew Hansen, The Shovel’s James Schloeffel, and a very special guest star, who we cannot announce for reasons that will become apparent during the show.

About the Show

On 26 January 1788 a bunch of old white men arrived in Australia and started ruining it for everyone. 240 years later, you can relive that experience by having a bunch of slightly younger white men ruin your night as they present sketches, pranks, quizzes, and a 150 page powerpoint presentation on all the best moments in Australian history, from the time Ned Kelly heroically went into battle despite having his head stuck in a postbox, to the time Melbourne was founded on the ideal of being slightly worse than Sydney at everything.

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