NRL star faces scrutiny over allegations he’s been in respectful monogamous relationship

The NRL is facing yet another sex scandal after one player was forced to address rumours he has been shagging his wife and only his wife.

NRL officials denied claims the player in question was in a happy and mutually respectful marriage. The player will face the NRL judiciary next week to refute the claims. If found guilty, he may not be eligible to play in the NRL.

In a prepared statement, the player claimed the rumours are being spread by somebody with a grudge against him. “I have never been respectful to women, and any suggestion I have is highly defamatory,” he said.

The player addressed the media flanked by his wife and several other women. “Accusations that I am a responsible family man are not true,” he said. “I have been regularly sticking my cock in waitresses, trainee hairdressers and masseuses, as well as teammates’ wives, teammates’ mothers, teammates wives’ mothers, and at least one video poker machine, just like a normal NRL player. I even dipped it in a glass of red wine once. I’d like to remind people not to believe everything they read on the internet.”

“I’m looking forward to moving on with my life in a shambolic fashion until Fox Sports gives me a broadcasting gig and forces me to ‘clean my act up’.”


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