Local man takes month off exercise to focus on drinking

Local man Greg Gregson has reportedly decided to take a month off exercise to focus on drinking, in what he refers to as ‘personal development’.

Greg, who started exercising two weeks ago, has said that he was concerned about the amount of exercise that he was doing, and that he fears it would negatively impact his social life and overall happiness.

“I need to focus on myself,” he said as he sat on the couch with a beer in hand. “I don’t think people really consider the toll that daily exercise can have on your ability to veg out with a beer in hand.”

“I can already feel the improvement, I just get such a buzz from drinking. I don’t get that sluggish feeling from the muscle pain, or that early morning headache you get when you’re dehydrated from all that jogging. I’m like a new man, and at this rate my kidney soon will be too.”


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