The Chaser’s Guide to Modern Journalism
Or, a guide to living rough in the years before your decision to move into
The Chaser’s Guide to matching the right wine with your disappointing child
Parenting is hard. We all know that, and no-one knows it better than Chris Taylor, who’s never had kids. How does he juggle the demands of a high-pressure job with being a dad? Chris doesn’t have to
The Chaser’s Guide to Mars: The Stylish New Postcode
Unhappy with how the election is panning out? Do you keep telling friends you’re going to leave Australia if your party doesn’t get elected? FEAR NOT! Here is the ideal guide to your PERFECT new home: Mars.
The Chaser’s Guide to the life cycle of a Rust Belt Male
After years of study, scientists are finally coming to grips with this fascinating creature.
The Chaser’s Guide to Sport in America
Before morbid obesity confines them to a scooter, many Americans play sport. Here's a few of their favourites.
The Chaser’s Guide to Raising a Tennis Prodigy
Your child is going to be a tennis star. They're going to be number one, and everyone's going to eat their fucking words. Rohan Arneil reports
The Chaser’s Anti-Experts: Five celebrities who were vaccinated and later died
The poisonous ingredients found in vaccinations don't discriminate. Here are five well-known personalities who were vaccinated and are now dead.
The Chaser’s Guide to Political Commentators
While it's true there are a lot of political commentators in Australia, you can never have too many. We've pulled together this guide to make it easy for you to start your shock jock career, no matter your political persuasion. Because the world needs more opinions.
Chaser Exclusive: The Stolen Election
In 2004, John Howard was returned to office to serve an historic fourth term as Prime Minister, convincingly beating Labor rival Mark Latham. However, for the first time, The Chaser reveals the story behind Howard’s stunning election comeback
Things to see in America: White Tribalism
There is a way to experience first-hand all the unpleasantness in Trump's America, while maintaining a moral distance to avoid being implicated in it.

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