Tips from the year 2027: A teacher’s guide on how to encourage sex
It’s 2027 and it’s sexually official! The latest findings from the World Sex Organisation show that 0% of adults are
The Chaser’s Predictions: 2040
The Conquest of Mars begins
The Chaser’s Guide to Politics in Australia
Early settlers, exhausted after much colonising, copied and pasted Australia’s parliamentary democracy from the British Westminster system— and a little from the United States Congress system, just so they didn’t look too lazy
The Chaser’s Guide to the First Three Months of Parenting
It's easy!
The Chaser’s Guide to Good Sources of Information (Versus Elitist Ones)
If you want to be known as a brilliant writer who leaves a gasping, select audience of hand-picked readers in
Leaked: Conversation Between ████ and ██████
Chaserleaks can exclusively reveal the contents of a highly confidential email sent between ████████████ and ████████, discussing the illegal ████ ████████ of the █████ ████ in █████████
The Chaser’s Guide to Australian Road Signs
Australia has many road signs that are unique in the world. Here is The Chaser's comprehensive guide to them
VACANCY: Islamic State social media manager
Seeking a passionate self starter eager to work with one the world's most iconic brands
Sydney University opens Cate Blanchett campus – specialising in everything
“My time at NIDA provided me with the backgroundto be able to comment on a fucking shit-tonne of stuff, from nuclear physics to the science of climate change,”said Honorary Professor Blanchett
The Chaser’s Guide to American Culture
Everything you need to know about the greatest cultural wasteland in the world.

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