The Aussie Guide to Astronomy
For too long astronomy has been left to the experts, such as NASA, who are clearly biased in favour of science. That’s why we asked DARREN FINCH, Jet Ski owner, proud uncle of four and a self described great bloke to give us a complete run down of the stars and shit.
The Chaser’s Guide to American Democracy
Here is our guide to how the American electoral system doesn't work
The Chaser’s Roadtest: Offshoring
We look at how a business like The Chaser could benefit from the "disruption" of task-based services such as Airtasker, Fiverr and Task Rabbit, which allows you to off-shore creative tasks, such as writing satire.
MY DAY: with celebrity chef & paleo diet guru, Pete Evans
With his Paleo diet empire going from strength to strength, we caught up with the ridiculously handsome Pete Evans and asked him to take us through his normal day as a modern-day caveman
Exclusive: The untold history of Australia’s invasion
Most people think they know the history of Australia's invasion. But there's another side to the story that has been largely untold -- until now. Here, in an extract from The Completely True History of Australia, this story is told for the first time
Top four tourist hot-spots to see before they’re destroyed by tourism
There are many famous locations being destroyed by tourism, so make sure you visit quickly before they’re gone!
Heading to the beach on Australia Day? Why not check out Cronulla!
If you're wanting to do something really Aussie on Australia Day, head down to Cronulla, and soak up the heritage of the site of Australia's most famous race riot
The Chaser Guide to Having a Baby
Having a baby is a big decision. Ultimately, it's up to you to work out how to manage it, but if there is one piece of advice that every new parent agrees on it is this: DON'T DO IT. BACK OUT NOW, WHILE YOU STILL
Forget the Genocide! 5 Ways To Celebrate This Australia Day
The best way to bring all Australians together is to force the group complaining about it to shut up and put up with the date that’s already been decided because it’s not like, from your perspective, there’s anything wrong with it
This Australia Day, tour the place where our constitution was enacted
You might be thinking we’re talking about the Melbourne Club or even the Tattersall’s Club in Sydney? Nup – it’s none other than the true-blue, dinky-di Parliament of United Kingdom in downtown London