Worker on $15 an hour devastated to hear awful customer will be taking their business elsewhere

Local teenager Jen Flinders has today been thrown into a fit of despair, after being informed the worst customer she’s ever encountered will be taking their business elsewhere.

“Oh god no, please come back,” Jen was heard begging, “how will this cafe ever survive without the business of someone who asked us to remake a $5 cheese and ham croissant three times and then complained about her table being too warm?”

However, some onlookers have suggested that Jen, 16, is not as devastated as she made out, and that in fact having to pretend to be polite to sociopathic Karens is likely not his top priority given the $15 an hour she’s being paid by her employer.

“Yea I think Jen will probably be fine,” said regular customer Stacey. “Truth be told we all know she’ll be getting made redundant the moment she turns 18 and is legally entitled to an extra $2 an hour, so she’s not exactly invested in the business.”

“Even so, I’m pretty sure she’ll go on to live a full rich life despite not being able to wait hand and foot on Karen and her demand that her almond milk be heated to exactly 44 degrees.”

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