University degree successfully prepares young person for future of living off Mi Goreng

After years of hard work and dedication, recent university graduate Jane Simon can now proudly claim that her degree has adequately prepared her for the rough and tumble world of living off 50 cent Mi Goreng packets.

With a degree in English Literature, Jane never imagined that her skills in analysing Chaucerian verse would come in handy when trying to stretch a single packet of Mi Goreng to last an entire week. But recently she has found that her deep understanding of symbolism and metaphor helped her to see the noodles in a whole new light.

“My English studies have really helped me find things that aren’t actually there when reading between the lines of the ingredients list,” explained Jane. “Like vitamins, fibre, or any nutritional value whatsoever.”

When asked about her future plans, Jane stated that she intends to continue her education by pursuing a PhD in Mi Goreng Studies. “I want to be the foremost expert in the field,” she explained, “like the kinds of people that crack an egg in it for a bit of variation, or sprinkle some chopped up shallots on the top.”

“I mean, once I’ve got enough money to put down a deposit on a shallot, that is.”

The university is thrilled at Jane’s success and is planning to introduce a new course in ‘The Art of Budget-Friendly Noodle Consumption’ in the upcoming semester, which the institution hopes will help students save more money to be spent on the $30 an hour parking they have to pay to attend their $20,000 a semester classes.

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