Sultan of Brunei shows off lavish wealth by purchasing weekly groceries from Coles

High rolling billionaire and Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah has today dropped out of the BRW Rich List, after spending a majority of his wealth on an average family’s weeks groceries from Coles.

“Truly this latest purchase will have people awed and humbled,” explained the Sultan. “I’ve purchased golden jet planes and gilded palaces, but nothing has come close to the amount I’ve spent buying a single tube of Pringles from Coles.”

Asked what he was planning to do with his remaining few million dollars, the Sultan told journalists that he was considering purchasing a coffee with almond milk from a Sydney cafe, and if there was any money left over after that then he might consider splashing a few million on the luxury of taking a short taxi ride without watching the metre like a hawk.

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