Scientists predict that by 2050 every popular show may involve Pedro Pascal escorting magic child to safety

UN Scientists have today issued an urgent warning that if trends continue, the world may soon be completely over-run by TV shows involving an initially hesitant gruff yet fatherly Pedro Pascal escorting a magical child who can save the world through a series of death defying adventures.

“At first when the Mandalorian was detected, we weren’t concerned,” explained one entertainment researcher. “After all it was like nothing we’d ever seen before. However, the Pascal outbreak has since spread from Disney to HBO and as of last night he also made the jump to free-to-air TV via an SNL host, potentially infecting millions with Pascal fever.”

“We’re working on a cure,” said one researcher from Netflix. “It’ll involve churning out 500 neutralised copies of the original, that lack the virality and life of the original, injected straight into the eyeballs of America.”

However, representatives for HBO have hit back at claims that their new show is a direct clone of Disney’s, stating the plot is completely different. “One is a show about a brooding masculine outlaw who has seen his loved ones killed by an over-reaching government, who is now navigating on the fringes of society and risking his life to begrudgingly escort a child to a suppressed religious cult after learning the child was born with a rare mutation that is the key to saving everyone.”

“The other is… wait I forget which one I was describing there.”

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