Public suggest billionaires crying about tax changes try cutting back on avo toast

In response to the recent uproar from billionaires over tax loopholes being removed, members of the public have suggested maybe billionaires should just cut back on avocado toast.

“Perhaps if these billionaires learned to watch their spending then they wouldn’t be so reliant on government handouts,” said one concerned average income earner. “I’m pretty sure if they started making their own coffee at home then they’d have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare. That’s what they’ve been telling us, isn’t it?”

However, not everyone is convinced, with struggling battler Richard S. Withingtonsquire III telling reporters that these tax changes will leave him barely able to feed his children caviar. “After this tax loophole change, the only income sources I will have left are negative gearing, dividends, franking credits, and interest from my offshore Cayman Islands bank accounts,” wept Richard. “God if this keeps up I might even be forced to contribute to society!”

“Just kidding, I’ll just double the rent on a few more pensioners.”

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