Plastic sunglasses somehow cost more than talking microcomputer that fits in your pocket

In a shocking turn of events, it has been discovered that plastic sunglasses now cost more than a tiny talking microcomputer that fits in your pocket, which has access to all human knowledge. This groundbreaking development has left consumers baffled, with many asking why a piece of molded plastic that sits on your face is worth over $500.

“I spent so much on my sunglasses that now I have to wear them at night just to get my money’s worth,” explained one customer. “Meanwhile I’ve dropped my phone 3 times since buying it, but that’s fine because I’ll get a new one next year anyway.”

Experts have weighed in on this perplexing situation with leading fashion gurus stating the high price tag on plastic sunglasses is due to their unparalleled ability to make the wearer look like a complete and utter idiot for not just buying a $20 knockoff on Ebay.

In a product by product comparison expert also explained there were many hidden benefits that can be gained from a pair of $700 Oakley sunglasses. “Well, the microcomputer can perform complex calculations, store vast amounts of data, and connect to the internet, whereas the plastic sunglasses… uh… protect your eyes from the sun… and um… wait what do you mean the lenses are sold separately!?”

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