PharmaBro Martin Shkreli Sues Ticketmaster for Plagiarism: “Overcharging for The Cure is MY Business Plan!”

Infamous “PharmaBro” Martin Shkreli has this week filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster, accusing the ticket-selling giant of plagiarizing his patented business model by overcharging people for access to the cure.

Shkreli, notorious for increasing the price of life-saving drug Daraprim by more than 5,000%, claims that Ticketmaster’s exorbitant ticket prices for The Cure’s concerts infringe upon his exclusive right to profit from others misery.

“I’ve spent years cultivating my brand as the poster child of corporate greed,” said Shkreli in a statement. “And now Ticketmaster has the nerve to waltz in and steal my business model? This is an outrage!”

However, Cure fans were not spared, with Shkreli also launching a lawsuit against the band, claiming their lyric “transformed into an angel” is derivative of what happens to all his customers that can’t afford his price hikes.

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