Out of control: Entitled young person for some reason thinks they deserve air con in the $1500 a week bedroom they’re forced to live and work from

Landlords across Australia have reacted with shock today, after being informed their greedy tenants would like a $1500 air con unit installed in the forty degree apartment they’re paying $7000 a month for.

“I’m not made of money!” raged the landlord, before putting up rent another $400 a week. “Times are tough and we all have to make sacrifices.”

Asked whether they have air conditioning in their own house, the landlord scoffed. “Of course I do!” he replied. “How do you expect me to live in a country where it often reaches 40 degrees without air conditioning. That would be torture!”

“Oh wait I get what you’re saying,” he continued. “I should be charging more rent to help pay my electricity bill! I’ll send them another rent hike immediately.”

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