Local man saves money on groceries by just drinking Epson printer ink

Local man, John Barker, has found a new way to save money on groceries – by drinking Epson printer ink.

“I was tired of spending so much money on food every month,’ said Barker. “But then I realised, my printer ink is technically edible, and at $50 per drop, it’s a lot cheaper than most groceries these days.”

Barker, who has been drinking printer ink for the past month, claims to have never felt better. “It’s put a lot of colour back into my face,” said Barker. “Plus, I’m getting all my daily recommended doses of cyan, magenta, and yellow.”

When asked about the safety of drinking printer ink, Barker said, “It’s perfectly safe, as long as you don’t drink the black ink. That one’s not poisonous mind you, it just tastes like liquorish.”

The Epson company is yet to comment on Smith’s unusual diet choice, but they have reported a significant increase in ink sales over the last six months.

“Look we wouldn’t exactly advise consuming it,” explained a representative for the company. “But I guess if the choice is between KFC or our industrial printer ink, the ink is probably going to do less damage to your insides.”

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