Introvert memorialised with minute of awkward silence

In a touching tribute to one of the world’s most introverted individuals, a minute of awkward silence was observed yesterday during the memorial service of Leonard “Lenny” Quietman.

Famous for avoiding small talk and mastering the art of vanishing at social gatherings, Lenny’s family and friends gathered to honor his legacy by gathering together, then immediately retreating back to their bedrooms without saying goodbye.

Guests at the memorial service each silently contemplating the impact Lenny had on their lives, while sitting on the couch with the dog and not engaging with anyone around them.

“Lenny would’ve appreciated this tribute more than anything,” said his friend, Tim Softspoken, to himself under his breath. “Oh god wait did I say that out loud?”

As the world mourns the loss of a true introvert icon, Lenny’s legacy will forever be remembered in the quiet, uncomfortable moments shared by those who knew him best.

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