Factcheck: We didn’t private our account because of a joke, News Corp is just staffed with lazy morons

As anyone who’s seen our social accounts over the last few weeks is likely aware of, we’ve recently moved away from relying on social media due to the fact that it’s a rapidly imploding dumpster fire, and posting content for free on websites owned by billionaires who rake up all the ad money is pretty quickly going to put us out of business.

A very good example of how social media is a flaming trash heap was kindly provided by a News Corp TV panelist this week, when they decided to try attempt and stir up some outrage over a tweet we sent in response to the death of a former Pope.

Unfortunately for them, the claim that we privated our account over non-existent backlash to a pretty bog standard tweet could be easily disproved by about 5 seconds research, which would have turned up the last 12 post on our Instagram, the last 18 posts on our Facebook, the header on our website, and the first post on our website, all of which explained why were were privating our account. If we were less charitable, we might suggest that the individual may have intentionally chosen not to do the slightest amount of background before tweeting, because such basic journalistic integrity would undermine their opportunity to spin a narrative that suits a certain billionaire employer’s agenda. It’s a good thing we’re not less charitable.

We would suggest if Rupert’s talking heads would like to continue being paid hundreds of thousands a year to play dress ups as journalists, they might want to consider occasionally logging off Twitter and instead spending some time on the ‘ethics in journalism’ Wikipedia page, to better understand characters they play on TV.

We’d also like to put on the record that we don’t receive ‘tax dollars’ to keep the lights on at Chaser Digital. The Chaser’s publishing business predates any Chaser ABC TV shows and has always been a private company, just like News Corp.

Unlike Rupert Inc, however, we haven’t been handed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to build a spelling bee website or to be brown bagged into finally broadcasting some women’s sports. To paraphrase your good mate the former Pope, you all might want to go have a gander at Matthew 7:3.

With regards,
The Chaser’s web team

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