Cuts at QANTAS extended to engines

Australian company and occasional airline QANTAS has suffered another embarrassing “technical issue” this week, after a plane was forced to be turned back mid-air due to forgetting to board the passengers.

Until flight attendants discovered the plane was empty, the trip was described as the smoothest QANTAS flight in over a month due to the rare absence of mayday calls and unexplained smoke from the cabin.

Following a raft of recent issues, QANTAS’ reputation as one of the world’s safest airlines has been severely damaged. However, the airline is adamant it remains one of the country’s top five most respected flight carriers, right behind Bonza.

The airline in recent years has made sweeping cuts to jobs, employees’ pay, and working engines in flights from Auckland to Sydney.

However, QANTAS is confident of moving forward from its current challenges by seamlessly transitioning from an airline to a personal trust fund for Alan Joyce.

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